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Dad: Why do you think they do that?
Girl: Because the companies who make these try to trick the girls into buying the pink stuff instead of stuff boys want to buy.

that awkward moment when a child understands the harm of forcing gender roles better than most grown male politicians.

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I’m surprised that I haven’t reblogged this, to be honest.

I love that last gif.  She looks so frustrated.  Like “Um, hello, obviously girls and boys can like anything why doesn’t anybody get that???”

She does have a point though..

Kids who are smarter than adults though.

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Being a true bad ass has no weight or gender requirement - just 100% commitment to greatness
Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

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Two #fitness competitors, 22 weeks after/before


“Who cares if it was racist, it was funny!”


I LOVE this gif

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Have you ever come across a homeless individual and felt totally uncomfortable?
You see them and you know they are in need, but you are not sure what to do. You know that handing them money is not the best thing. But, you also see that they clearly have some needs. Their lips are chapped. They are hungry. They are thirsty. They are asking for help.
How can you help?
Here is a simple idea - blessing bags.

This was such an easy project. We are now going to keep a few “Blessing Bags” in our car so that when we do happen to see someone on the streets who is homeless, we can hand them a Blessing Bag. I first learned of these bags from my friend, Julie. I am using the picture of her bags (see above) because the ones we took were taken in horrible lighting and turned out really grainy and hard to see what is inside of them.

If you’d like to make your own Blessing Bags, this is what you would need:
Gallon size Ziplock bags
items to go in the bags, such as:
chap stick
packages of tissues
toothbrush and toothpaste
trail mix
granola bars
pack of gum
band aids
coins (could be used to make a phone call, or purchase a food item)
hand wipes
you could also put in a warm pair of socks, and maybe a Starbucks gift card
Assemble all the items in the bags, and maybe throw in a note of encouragement. Seal the bags and stow in your car for a moment of providence.
This would be a great activity to do with some other families. Each family could bring one of the items going into the bags (ex: toothbrushes). Set up all the items around a table and walk around it with the ziplocks and fill the bags.

oh man i wanna do this

mee tooo. im bout to go to the dollar tree and rack up or a wholesale store.

All these reblogs make me so happy to see. So many amazing people on tumblr

Gonna have to do this.

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people are making fat jokes about kim kardashian 
she’s pregnant
she is literally carrying another human inside of her and has to provide nutrients to support that human
people are making fat jokes about a pregnant woman

I think what we’re saying is that she could wear flattering clothes…

or she could wear whatever the hell she wants


For the last comment!  Who the hell does she have to impress?  I may not be a fan of the Kardashians, but I am so tired of hearing how other people should dress, how they should look etc.  Wear whatever you want.Don’t wear make up?  No biggie.  Wear lots of make-up?  Whatever!  Do what you want and screw everyone else.



This is pretty cool and eye-opening. I wish someone would do this sort of thing with male 6-pack ab models. 

They even Photoshopped the woman behind Selena’s arm, because apparently not only do celebrities have to be thin, but they must also only associate with other thin people…

It’s things like this that made me think I was fat as a child.  I couldn’t understand why I didn’t look like women in magazines.

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